シ  ュ  ー  ト  ボ  ク  シ  ン  グ  F I G H T   S P O R T S   J I U - J I T S U 

 N O G I  S H O O T  B O X MMA®



No Gi or Submission Wrestling is a form of combat that focuses on clinch to ground fighting technique with the aim of obtaining a submission through the use of various submission holds.   

Shoot Boxing or standing Vale Tudo is a Japanese combat style that allows kicks, punches, knees elbows, throws, Take downs and standing submissions. 


Professor Chris Bissel (Left)        Master Roberto"CYBORG" Abreu      Master Todd Cutler (Right)

A B O U T   U S

Nogi Shoot Box MMA is Marion county's premier mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training academy under the direct lineage of Masters' Todd Cutler and ADCC world Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu!

Serving the greater Ocala, Florida area in NO BS full contact mixed martial arts, Shoot Boxing, Catch Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! 

We are the first certified Catch Wrestling Academy in the state of Florida under the direct lineage of The Legendary Billy Robinson; and the only mixed martial arts academy in Ocala featuring Marine Corps Martial Arts, FCS KALI and real full contact fighting from the street to the cage! Continue....

Charles Rosa UFC  Tokyo Japan

Coach Jag

Master Francisco "Toco" Albuquerque

W A R R I O R    Y O U T H 

C A T C H   W R E S T L I N G 

Catch Wrestling senior head coach John Potenza

T E A M  P I C S

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